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Hi! Before you've given us all the info you can about your ban (we'll know if you're lying), then please follow these simple rules:

1. Post threads here ONLY if YOU are banned from the server.
2. Be patient and wait! Each ban needs to be investigated. (Even for well known regulars)
3. Please don't bump your threads, it's just not needed.
4. There is no need to start new threads if you haven't had a reply.
5. Please don't post your ban appeal in other players threads. (Seriously)
6. Usually it will take time to get a response, and most likely you will end up just waiting out the ban, so please just wait for our reply or your ban to expire. This doesn't mean we don't love you!
7. PM'ing staff will not mean you get unbanned any quicker and it's likely that these PM's will go unanswered. - This section is for unban appeals, PM's are not.
8. Do not reply to threads in this section unless you have USEFUL information to add.
9. Do not comment on player bans.


The banned board is strictly moderated and has a clear set of rules that you all should be aware of (right?)

This means that you should assume that you cannot reply to a thread unless:

1. You created the thread yourself
2. You have USEFUL information that will help out: for example, if a player doesn't know why they can't connect and you saw them getting banned, then providing these details is useful.
3. When submitting USEFUL information, that does not mean criticize their ban nor your own. This will only further frustrate everybody.

Examples of when you should NOT be posting include (but potentially not limited to):

1. "Helpful" advice, such as telling a player to try "this and that" to identify the cause of their ban. (Trust me, we know more about the ban system than you do)
2. Speculation about what might have caused a player to get banned.
3. General comments, such as "you always cheat/minge/piss everyone off anyway".

Now that everyone has been doubly reminded, you can expect staff to be much more strict in issuing board sanctions against users who post here when they shouldn't.
You may not think that your blind attempt to solve a player's ban issue is a bad thing, but whenever a banned player has already been led on a wild goose chase by a load of forum users who are just stabbing in the dark, it means more work for us and it wastes our time and theirs.

Reminder: This section is Strictly Moderated
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