Announcing the arrival of Standard Central!

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Your Right Sock

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Hello all!

We personally welcome you to the site, community, and most importantly the experience of what we once all had and loved.
That experience of course is the Semi-serious game mode of SCP-RP and various other things to come!
We all remember the day we came to our first communities. It was special and meaningful. It gave us a type of purpose and fun to experience with ourselves and others. It gave us something to remember and cherish. However, most importantly it gave us a place to wind down and just relax. Although there was and will be rules, they weren't like the others. They weren't just hammering you for everything that wasn't filled out correctly or said just right. It was a place to learn and speak lightly to others while enjoying your favorite activity within SCP-RP.

Long story short, we are happy to have you all here and hope you will enjoy our company and community. We hope and strive to give anyone a place to remember and a reason to remember everyone!

Have fun and do not hesitate to help and ask for help!

~Sock and Hillman
Not open for further replies.